Our philosophy

A Propos Philosophie Signe Toque

Crucial relationships

The relationships we keep with farmers, breeders, gatherers and gardeners are crucial to us because their work is at the basis of our menus. These artisans nurture a local know-how which has allowed us to develop our gastronomy. Thus, it is partly thanks to those relationships of trust and respect that we maintain with artisan-producers that our restaurants exist and continue to evolve.

Fleurs Produit Philosophie Respect Signe Toque
Philosophie Respect Relations Mr Bertrand Normand Laprise

A respect of products


The products also receive the best of considerations.

We try to avoid waste and to maximize the use of each product. In preparation of the cold winter months, we preserve seasonal vegetables and fruits by canning and tranforming into purées. This ensures a local and varied supply all year long.

Traceability, social responsibility and innovation

We prefer smaller animal husbandry with reliable genetics and traceability. Concerning fruits, vegetables and herbs, we favour pickers and producers who cultivate according to natural methods. We encourage our producers to improve their agri-food traceability techniques that give full product transparency.

We wish to share our love for Quebec and its local products through menus that demonstrate creativity, freshness and avant-garde.

We always encourage the innovative contribution of our employees in order to renew and improve the products we offer to our customers.

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From July 3rd, the Comptoir-Épicerie will be open from Thursday to Saturday, from 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM, and will be closed from Sunday to Wednesday

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